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Welcome to The Treehouse. There is no password to get in and no secret handshake…all you need is an open mind and an adventurous spirit. The Treehouse is a casual place to hang out and explore the world of cannabis. It’s fun, exciting, and full of like-minded people interested in discovering the recreational benefits of cannabis in a unique and enjoyable way. The Treehouse is a place that’s yours to claim and escape to for a time – a place to laugh, learn, and share among friends. Come on up and join the Club!

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Our vision

Housed in a safe and secure location we will be focused on becoming the community’s trusted partner and primary resource for high quality certified cannabis products and accessories delivered by a team of dedicated cannabis role models.

Through transparent business operations and strict regulatory compliance, customers will benefit from our culture built on education, support and awareness as we effectively guide them through the cannabis purchasing process.

Our Values


We take pride in operating in a manner that represents the best interest of our community and our Club Members. Responsible. Truthful. Approachable.


We act with honesty and integrity; always adhering to the highest ethical standards both personally and professionally.


We take pride in putting our customers first, ensuring their needs are always met beyond their expectations.


We value transparency and open dialogue between customers, Club Members and Club Management.

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The Treehouse Cannabis Co.

1845 Main Street West, Hamilton, Ontario, L8S 1J2

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